“Now & Then” a brief overview

Our company:
We are based in Cornwall and aiming to employ at least six individuals within our 1st year, our mission is rooted in ethics and connectivity, aimed at forming community around local social history.

Our product:

Our product is a mobile application for tourists and a set of free creation-tools for attractions.

The mobile application triggers (via GPS or Bluetooth low energy beacons) on-location historical tourism content & uniquely interlinks this content to create tailored Visitor experiences; not simply inside attractions or on set walks – but across the borders of local attractions & local history.

While our free Creation-tools will allow attractions to release their trapped/archived content as tours or location-triggered items. Increasing footfall in existing Historical/Heritage places of interest while allowing them to obtain revenue (creating new & interesting experiences using the content they already have). Later connecting Heritage, History, the arts and storied content at different locations by automatically identifying links/related content.

We are using developing technology to create engagement with heritage. Not simply the content, but also the community. For us this community creation has 2 main parts;

  1. Shared experiences:
    1. People experience heritage in different ways according to needs & interests.
    1. People can connect & interact with each other based on their shared interests.
  2. Shared contributions:
    1. Version 2 (public) creation tools; Local people can share local history.
    1. Version 2 Mobile application; users are empowered to not just maintain (e.g flag an item as missing) but develop heritage (e.g. by adding meta-data/tags to items in a gamified area of the app).


You pay a local museum to take a tour of their boats. As you exit you’re greeted by recommendations for free local tours/walks. Each walk related to museum item(s) you displayed interest in. You walk to lunch learning more about the shops. Not just as they are, but as they were, as former homes of boat builders – as stories. You see these social stories woven through the area, woven into history.

In summary, we are;
 Increasing public engagement with Heritage, History, and the arts in indoor / outdoor Green spaces and Heritage sites while revealing nearby local history. Reducing costs for existing Heritage, History, the arts and storied sites (by utilising visitors’ own phones instead of relying on existing exhibition hardware and audio devices that continually require maintenance, charging and replacement at very large costs).

Creating a social platform where people can interact around their own areas of interest.

Making it possible for people to research and save content of historical interest to them so it can be shared with others.

Making History come to life.

“Bringing the past into the future using technology”

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