Travel back in time at the touch of a button
Travel back in time at the touch of a button
Our mission is to reconnect people, social history and society.


Our mission is to reconnect people, social history and society.

Now & Then is a mobile application which triggers remotely or via GPS or Bluetooth when near historical places of interest. The app provides guided tours uniquely tailored to each user deepening on what they choose to interact with. The app cannot only be used inside attractions or on set walks – but across the borders of local attractions and local history.

These guided tours can easily be created by attractions, museums, art galleries or any place of interest using our free creation tools. The attraction can use pre-existing or create new content.

The app aims to increase footfall in existing historical or heritage places of interest while still obtaining revenue, the attraction can chose whether the content is free or to be paid for by the user. All output should be fully inclusive usable by everybody no matter how they are enabled.



You pay a local museum to take a tour of their boats. As you exit you’re greeted by recommendations for free local tours and walks. Each of the walks relates to the museum items you just displayed an interest in.
You walk to lunch learning more about the buildings recommended to you. Not just as they are, but as they were; former homes of boat builders – as stories. You see these social stories woven through the area, woven into history.


Every space has a story to tell.

Guided tours are easy to create with our set of free creation tools. You can use the attractions pre-existing content or create new content. The tour can include text, pictures and sound. In the very near future you will also be able to implement video and other augments. Guided tours are not limited to attractions; tours can be created in open spaces, art galleries, museums and in buildings such as stately homes and grounds. The only limit is your imagination.

The tour is triggered by GPS or Bluetooth when the application is near your chosen location of interest, meaning a no touch solution to a sometimes interactive experience. Best of all you can choose whether your tour is free or charged for.

We are still in Beta testing so please get in contact to view the tours and their potential.

Every space has a story to tell.


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