Our mission is to reconnect people, social history and society.


Our mission is to reconnect people,
social history and society.

Post covid the word has changed; visitors no longer want to get too close to strangers or touch things others have touched.

We still wish to explore the world, every person, every building , every village, town, city, every road railway, river, stream, canal, every work of art museum collection, Garden or space be it inside or out has a story to tell.

Now & Then want to release those stories, they contain social history, they connect us to our environment and others both in the past and the present.

Now and Then is about actual reality, see what we have to offer see how together we can make the world a more socially connected and friendly space.

Now & Then is a mobile application that triggers via GPS or Bluetooth when near historical places of interest. The app provides guided tours uniquely tailored to each user deepening on what they choose to interact with. Not only can the App be used inside attractions or on set walks – but across the borders of local attractions and local history.

These guided tours are easily created by museums, art galleries or any place of interest by using our free creation tools. The tools make it possible to use pre-existing content or create new content. The app aims to increase footfall in existing historical or heritage places of interest, the attraction can chose whether the content is free or to be paid for by the user.

Our vision is to have a worldwide network
of shared heritage and connections.

We are increasing public engagement with heritage, history, and the arts in indoor and outdoor green spaces and heritage sites while revealing nearby local history. 

Reducing costs for existing heritage, history, the arts and storied sites. This is by utilising visitors’ own phones, instead of relying on existing exhibition hardware and audio devices that continually require maintenance, charging and replacement at very large costs. 

Creating a social platform where people can interact around their own areas of interest. Making it possible for people to research and save content of historical interest to them so it can be shared with others. Making history come to life.

Our vision is to have a worldwide network of shared heritage and connections.


A man with a dream to tell the stories from history.

Founder Mike Robinson

I founded Now & Then in my 59th year (2020). We are still testing, Passionate about inclusivity. The Now & Then app will when launched will work for the Blind, the visually impaired, those with literacy difficulties, the deaf it will enable discovery of accessible places for the mobility impaired and those in wheelchairs and the “Normally enabled”

I am by nature a problem solver, with very wide ranging skills. Having worked in the financial sector self employed for more than 10 years, dealing with individuals, start ups and both small and large company clients. Able to analyse information thoroughly, effectively and present it in a manner easy to understand.

All roles involved a high degree of communication, report writing , planning, financial understanding and an extensive use of computers, databases, back office systems, more importantly the trust placed in my ability and integrity.